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  1. Export to JPEG

    I recently had to create a web reporting tool for a client that used Fusion charts on the web-side, but produced Word/Excel/PowerPoint and PDF outputs as well. The reports are produced server-side and I used a simple library called F-In-A-Box ( to capture the FusionCharts to JPGs as needed. (Actually it captured the image to a bitmap which I converted to a JPG.) I just wrote a simple server-side .NET component that responded to a URL request by using the F-In-A-Box software to capture the chart and then streaming the JPG back to the end-user. It took a few hundred lines of code, but it works quite well.
  2. Control canvas borders...

    Is it possible to only show 2 canvas borders on a 2d column chart. Specifically, I would like to just have the left-most and bottom-most canvas borders. (In your chart gallery, not the actual charts, just the navigation page, you show column charts with only 2 axis lines This is what I would like to do.