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  1. Between version change 3.9 -> 3.12.1 when enabling/disabling a series from the legend panel. The series used to simply hide, without adapting and recentering of the visible series, is there a config to keep that behavior in the new version?
  2. Hello, I have a question you people might be able to help me with, thanks in advance! I just replaced the old FusionCharts v3.9 with v3.12 but out of all maps my maps are not rendering: fusioncharts.js?v=3.12:1024 Uncaught TypeError: O.register(...) is not a constructor at c._createGradientLegend (fusioncharts.js?v=3.12:1024) at c.init (fusioncharts.js?v=3.12:951) at c.init (fusioncharts.maps.js:97) at Object.v.createChart (fusioncharts.js?v=3.12:879) at u.core.render (fusioncharts.js?v=3.12:1860) at a.executeWaitingCommands (fusioncharts.js?v=3.12:126) at fusioncharts.js?v=3.12:1867 at p (fusioncharts.js?v=3.12:125) at success (fusioncharts.js?v=3.12:126) at Object.A [as job] (fusioncharts.js?v=3.12:54) Does anyone have an idea what could this be related to? Thanks!
  3. Upgrading from 3.9 to 3.12

    Will test it out and let you know about the progress. Thanks!
  4. Hello! I would like to know if there is way to be able to do this: So adding styling to the labels conditionally, or by setting it up in data node is what I'm aiming. Any help or example is welcomed, thanks! Bogdan
  5. Thank you Prerana, that is exactly what I was looking for!