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  1. .swf?DataURL= No longer working?

    To answer my own problem it seems that there are more restrictions on the location of the XML data file, it was previously on a network share but now it has to be a sub-directory of the domain, DataURL now working again.
  2. .swf?DataURL= No longer working?

    For years we have been storing the chart's XML data in a file and to display the chart we have been using the format: However it seems this method no longer works and we are having to read the XML file contents into a string and pass the XML data as a string using:"XMLString" Is this a restriction that Adobe have introduced or should the DataURL method still work?
  3. Word

    More often than not when I include a Flash Chart in a word document I get the situation where the chart or charts go into a state where they continually draw and re-draw never completing the chart. Sometimes it can settle down but other times it redraws continually. Is there a property setting that will prevent this - I have tried changing the status of the play, loop but it doesn't seem to make any difference. It is almost as though in drawing the chart something is then causing it to refresh.
  4. Word

    Basundhara Thanks for the reply that was just what I was after. Can you point me in the right direction if there is a way of packaging up the Word document to include all the flash file and XML data references so a document can be sent and read on a third-partie's system? Martin
  5. Word

    Is it possible now, or will it be in the future to embed Fusioncharts into Word documents? Thanks Martin