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  1. 2 D Bar Chart

    Dear All, I need to generate a 2D bar chart where the name of some cash offices will come in the vertical axis and the amount collected against each cash office will be plotted in the horizontal axis. Unfortunately, I am not able to generate the chart. I am using PHP and MySQL. Any early help will be highly appreciated. Thanks. Anirban Sarkar
  2. Hi All, I am using fusion charts to generate a column chart. The chart is appearing perfectly but the values that are showing against the columns are appearing in K, which I do not want. I want to display the actual values. Kindly help. Regards, Anirban
  3. Dear All, I am using the undergiven snippet of code to change the font colour of text in the chart canvas but it is not working. The snippet of code follows : //******CODE STARTS******* $strParam="caption=NON CASHOFFICE WISE COLLECTION ($prestyr-$preendyr AND $curstyr-$curendyr);subcaption=;xAxisName=SERVICE PROVIDER;yAxisName=AMOUNT(IN CR);showValues=1;sNumberSuffix= U;formatNumberScale=0 outCnvBaseFontColor='750A34' "; //******CODE ENDS********* The chart type is MSColumn3D. Thanks and regards!!!
  4. Hi, I want to create a multi series column stacked chart where the bank deposit dates will appear in the X axis and there will be a stacked column against each of the deposit dates. The stacks will consist of amount deposited in different banks for that particular date. Kindly note that the number of stacks in each column will not be fixed as it will depend on the number of banks where the amount has been deposited for the day. To be more specific, the number of stacks for one date can be three whereas for another date it can be five and so on. The entire stuff has to be database driven. Is such a kind of chart possible using fusion charts? I have gone through the chart gallery for stacked charts and in all the examples given, I find that the number of stacks across all the columns are fixed. If this is possible, kindly help. Thanks and regards, Anirban Sarkar
  5. Chart Transparency

    Many thanks for your response. This is what I have tried after going through your response : //*******************CODE STARTS********************** $FC = new FusionCharts("MSColumn3D","400","350","mychart",true); //******************CODE ENDS************************** However, it is giving me the undergiven error when running the page : Message: Object doesn't support property or method 'setTransparent'
  6. Chart Transparency

  7. Chart Transparency

    Many thanks for the reply. Kindly note that I have used the PHP class for generating the chart and not the .js file and I have used the PHP class file FusionCharts.php. The reference to the file FusionCharts.js is not included anywhere in my code. A snippet of my code is given below : //********************CODE STARTS************************** $FC = new FusionCharts("MSColumn3D","400","350"); $FC->setSWFPath(""); $strParam="caption=TOTAL EARNING (".$prestyr."-".$preendyr." AND ".$curstyr."-".$curendyr.");subcaption=;xAxisName=FINANCIAL QUARTER;yAxisName=AMOUNT(IN CR);showValues=1;sNumberSuffix= U;formatNumberScale=0 "; $FC->setChartParams($strParam); $FC->addCategory("XXXXXX"); $FC->addDataset("XXXXXX"); $FC->addChartData(XXXXX); $FC->renderChart(); //********************CODE ENDS**************************** How do I invoke the concept of transparency in the above code? Thanks once again!!!
  8. Chart Transparency

  9. Chart Transparency

    Hello everyone, I have a chart which has been generated using the Fusion chart PHP class. The chart is appearing fine. Now I have embedded a menu at the left side of the chart which when expanded gets hidden under the chart. I tried googling the topic and came up with some comcept of canvasbgalpha but unfortunately it is not working. I am attaching a screenshot of the problem that I am facing. Note how the child menu is getting hidden under the chart. Any early help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Hello everyone, I have generated a column chart which shows the earning comparison across financial years. There are 4 colums in the chart depicting 4 financial years. I want to draw a line which will join the peak points of every column and accordingly project for the future. Can I accomplish this using fusion chart? A snapshot of the chart is attached. Awaiting reply. Thans in advance. Regards, Anirban
  11. Adding legend to a pie chart

    Hi All, I have a pie chart developed using fusion chart. The chart is plotting all my data perfectly. The only thing which I need to do is to add a legend to the chart. Can anyone kindly help? Regards, Anirban
  12. Combination of bar and line chart

    Back after a long time I am plotting a bar graph where some divisions like Generation, Mains etc come in the x axis and the corresponding values appear along the y axis. I want to specify a particular colour for each of the divisions plotted. Previously, I was plotting with a uniform color which I was specifying the dataset tag. But in this case that will obviously not work. I am attaching the relevant part of the code for your reference, if required. Regards.
  13. Combination of bar and line chart

    Many thanks for response. I have been able to accomplish my purpose by passing the setadaptive min in the chart parameter section. Thanks and Regards, Anirban Sarkar
  14. Combination of bar and line chart

    Many thanks for your response. The links were very helpful and I could finally change the colour of the linked bars. But still one problem is persisting. Going through the article I could make out that the setAdaptiveYMin='1' chart attribute will automatically adjust the range of the Y axis based on the values that is being sent to XML. But when I am implementing it in my chart, it is not working. I also tried using the setAdaptiveYMin='1' chart attribute in the chart tag as well but without any success. I am using the following: <CODE> $FC_iot->addChartData($row_q1[0],"setAdaptiveYMin='1';link=javascript:open_pop_major($sub_chart_type,$wing_cd,$fin_yr_no,3,$org_id)"); </CODE> Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks and regards. Anirban
  15. Combination of bar and line chart

    Many thanks for your response. As per your requirement, I am giving the code snippet in the attached file. Hope this will suffice. Another thing, from where can I control the maximum and minimum range of the Y axis, i.e my Y axis data range will vary from say -273 to 13570. Thanks and regards, Anirban Sarkar