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  1. Only Display ToolTip for certain counties

    Ok its working now, setting hoverOnEmpty='0' will set all states tool tip to empty but setting value='1' for any state show tool tip for that particular state Remember you need to set value='1' not value='AK' or value='AL' Thanks a'lot
  2. Only Display ToolTip for certain counties

    Hi, thanks for your immediate reply, Please see the attached XML file i m using. When i set hoverOnEmpty='0' in , it set all states tool tip to empty Pls check where i m wrong and if possible modify the xml file accordingly. I want to do the same as its done for World Map in file. Waiting for your reply. USAMap.xml
  3. Only Display ToolTip for certain counties

    hi, I have same problem in Fusion map for US map, i tried, followed World XML give in, but it is for World map and didn't work for USA map, i tried to set hoveOnEmpty in main tag then it set all states tooltip to empty but i only want to hide tooltip for few sates Pls help me on this
  4. Is it possible to eliminate counties?

    Hi, Is there a way to show few states not all for US map or to make some states disabled (no mouse hover color change, no tool tip) ? Thanks Anil
  5. Add backgroud Image

    Hi, I m using fusion map , and all working fine. I m not sure it is possible or not but I want to use my own USA map image to show on map instead of default map image showing from flash. How can i achieve this? Thanks.