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  1. Category Heatmap

    Thank you for the offer of assistance Sumedh...but crisis averted today. I modified my query to give me the time field as time type (so I can perform calculations on it), and again converted to char type so I can have displayvalue on the heatmap with just the hh:mm. It is working great! I absolutely LOVE FusionCharts!!
  2. Category Heatmap

    I have a heatmap on a coldfusion page that uses data supplied by an SQL database. Some of the columns are numbers, some are text, and some are time values. The numbers and text values display just fine, but the time values do not. In the sql database, the time fields are stored as: 1899-12-30 21:30:00.000 I need them to display on the heatmap as HH:MM time only: 21:30 I have the color-coding working perectly based on being before or after a specified time (red is bad, green is good)...but the values themselves do not display. Currently my code is: value='#query.LastOGP#' But I have also tried: value='Timeformat(#query.LstOGP#)' but it makes no difference. How can I get the time values to appear on the heatmap?
  3. Coldfusion Heatmap

    I need to create a heatmap using coldfusion and data in an SQL database. Does anyone have sample code for looping through a query to generate the xml needed for the FusionCharts heatmap? The final product will be a category based map with colors determined in "if then else" statements within CF.
  4. Possible little Bug Pie3D.swf lastest version?

    I'm having the same issue with the MultiAxisLine.swf file...has it been updated as well? If not, can I get the 'patch'? Thanks, PostalGirl
  5. ColdFusion and JavaScript question

    No need...I got it working!! Thanks anyways.
  6. ColdFusion and JavaScript question

    I have included the name in the update function, but it comes into the xml as 'undefined' do I define the value?
  7. I'm using the dataXML method with coldfusion and javascript from the example provided with FusionCharts v3 (cfm_js_xml.html). In the function updateChart, a 'factoryIndex' is called from the first chart and is used to populate the bottom chart. This works great. However, this 'factoryIndex' number is also populated in the caption of the bottom chart. Is there a way to have the caption populate with the name of the factory selected rather than with the index value? The index is just a sequentially increasing number and is not very useful as an identifier. I'm showing weekly data for several locations in the top chart (latest week available) and when I click on one of the locations, I have their specific weekly trend show in the bottom chart...but I want the location name to show in the caption, not an index number. I'm thinking that another variable would need to be defined and used, but I am clueless as to how to do it. Thanks for any help.
  8. ZIP Code Maps

    I would love to see vectors broken down by postal ZIP Code (USA).