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    but how do i make colors dynamically. because i dont now how many items will be there for each category. any way thanks for ur response. i'll also try to do some thing like this bcoz i m getting this xml on run time.

    sir/madam, we are planning our chart to integrate into fusion chart. almost bar chart, pie chart, line chart, category chart, stacked bar chart are done. i've done something well in fusion chart also. but they way it should look its not coming so that i am looking for ur suggesion. so that i should go further. what i want to do is, I have some drug timeline thing where i need to show gantt chart for (therapy, reaction, drug). each category should come into different color, so that we can identify these categories. here i m getting everything right but i am not able to change the color for the categories. i cannot hard code it. (I've attached two image file and xml file ) please into these for your reference. please reply soon. thanks and regards. gantt.xml