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  1. UPDATE I also just realized that instantiating and adding the component upon "creationComplete" works: Why would it work upon creation complete but (seemingly) not at anytime after that? Help!
  2. I'm having this same exact issue. I have created a simple application where I test that the widget displays properly: This works flawlessly, and eliminates any doubts that the component isn't properly installed/linked within the project. I then create another application where the widget is to be created dynamically, upon button click: This fails by not displaying anything at all, no error, warning... nothing. I've even tried to call the FCRender() method at various places without any luck. I've been touting how great these components are to my client, who is about to purchase an OEM license, and I now find that I cannot dynamically add them to an application. Am I missing something obvious here? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm hoping to avoid the embarrassment of having to retract from choosing FusionCharts as our data visualization solution.