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  1. HI, I have a chart that shows partially, i.e., without the graphical display of the actual data points. For eg, if it's a Column3D chart, then the chart shows without the columns. See attached image. This only happens when the chart is rendered as JavaScript. Flash works fine. But I need this to work on iPad. I have tried to modify all kinds of html/css attributes on the chart using Chrome dev tool, but with no luck. Do you have any idea what's going on? Your help is greatly appreciated. I'm using the FusionCharts XT version. Here's my code fusioncharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript'); var fusionchart = new fusioncharts("FusionCharts/Column3D.swf", this.id(), "500", "300", "0"); fusionchart.setTransparent(true); fusionchart.setJSONData({ "chart": { "caption": "Weekly Sales Summary", "xAxisName": "Week", "yAxisName": "Sales", "numberPrefix": "$", "bgColor": "000000", "bgAlpha": '100', "canvasBgColor": "000000", "canvasBgAlpha": "100" }, "data": [ { "label": "Week 1", "value": "14400" }, { "label": "Week 2", "value": "19600" }, { "label": "Week 3", "value": "24000" }, { "label": "Week 4", "value": "15700" } ] }); var divId = "chartDiv" + this.id(); fusionchart.render(divId); Han
  2. I have a chart using MSColumn3DLineDY.swf file. After I upgraded the FusionCharts folder to the XT version, the chart stopped showing up on page postback, but it will still load on initial page load. I reverted the FusionCharts.js file back to the previous version, which is timestamped 9/20/2011, 68 KB, the chart loads fine on initial load and page postback. Here's the code I use if (Page.IsPostBack) { return FusionCharts.RenderChartHTML(swfFilePath_MSColumn3DLineDY, "", strXML.ToString(), "DailyUseWithTemp", width.ToString(), height.ToString(), false, false, true); } else { return FusionCharts.RenderChart(swfFilePath_MSColumn3DLineDY, "", strXML.ToString(), "DailyUseWithTemp", width.ToString(), height.ToString(), false, false, true); } Please advise. Thank you. Han
  3. Fusion Charts and DNN

    You'll need to code external modules for DNN in ASP.NET to use FusionCharts. You might take code samples from our ASP.NET code and then implement the same.What do you mean by "external module for DNN"? What "code samples from our ASP.NET code" are you talking about? I'm in the process of evaluating FusionCharts before we purchase the Enterprise license. We use DotNetNuke as our CMS. I have embedded a basic FusionChart in my dnn module (as described in C#, ASP.NET "Basic Examples"), but the chart will not render. Could you tell me what I'm doing wrong? Can you point me to more info/examples/resources on DNN integration of FusionCharts? From the 5 forum posts that I could find here related to DNN integration, it seems that FusionCharts won't work in a user control (.ascx) file, is that correct? Thank you. Han