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  1. I have a 2D bar chart with a large number of values, so it is quite long (have to scroll a lot to get to the bottom of the chart). With the x-axis values so far away, it's a bit difficult to judge the scale of the bars without scrolling down and then back up again. I'd like to be able to display the x-axis values at the top of the chart (either exclusively, or in addition to those displayed at the bottom. Is this possible ? Thanks.
  2. Ahh ... I've rewritten my code (simplified too !!) - and it works as expected now. Thanks !!
  3. I have an interesting problem with a site I'm developing. I have a page with several tables of data and a chart. I have the tables and chart each displayed in their own div blocks, which are hidden when not displayed, and then I use javaScript to switch between them without reloading the page - eg: document.getElementById('chartdiv').style.display="block"; document.getElementById('yearlydiv').style.display="none"; I have some select boxes on the chart page which change the data displayed on the chart using var chartObj = getChartFromId("FundChart"); var chartUrl = '{new chart URL here}' chartUrl = escape(chartUrl); chartObj.setDataURL(chartUrl); ... this works fine. Now when you view the other data in the tables, it hides the chart, and I have some links in the tables which use javascript to show the chart and load a new URL for the chart data using exactly the same code as above. This works fine in IE - but in Firefox, I get a JavaScript error - "Error: chartObj.setDataURL is not a function". It works fine in Firefox if I don't have the chart div hidden - so I think it might be something about Firefox not allowing the getChartFromId to work for hidden objects ?? For reference - here is how I render the chart (PHP): require_once(DIR . '/includes/FusionCharts.php'); $url = urlencode({chart URL here}); $fundchart = renderChart("/charts/MSLine.swf", $url, "", "FundChart", $width, $height, false, true); Any suggestions ?