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  1. Yes this made it positioned correctly. But it is for this particular case only. If the width of process label gets increased due to some lengthy process name the charts will again get misaligned. Thats why I wanted to specify a fixed process width value and then making canvasLeftMargin of multi line chart to be equal to chartLeftMargin + process width of Gantt chart.
  2. Increasing Gantt chart process width having no effect.

    Please refer to the attachement. It contains a Gantt chart and its data xml. In case of a Gantt Chart the left hand side comes under the processes tag. While the right hand side contains the tasks . I want to increase the width of left hand side. That is I want the processes being shown on left hand side be 300 px wide. In Gantt chart documentation it is provided that proceeses width can be increased by specifying the value of width attribute under processes tag. I have done that (See previous attachment) but its not working. Please suggest some solution.
  3. "A permutation and combination of the attributes explained". I read the attributes and could possibly think of only the folllowing : canvasLeftMargin of multi line chart should be made equal to the sum of chartLeftMargin and processWidth of Gantt Chart. But when I am trying to do this the increasing of process width of Gantt chart shows no effect on Gantt Chart. I have raised a seperate query for this Can you please help in this case or provide some alternate solution. I cannot provide the exact code. But I am providing the dataXml (generated by script). You can run the chart provided in attached zip. Please suggest what changes should be made in these data xmls so that the time of two charts are in sync. You can see the time for multi line chart on tool tips. I will make the appropriate changes in code to reflect in xml. Thanks.
  4. I have gantt chart with a width of 900px.(Attached zip) I want to increase the width of processes shown on the Gantt chart to 300 px. But it is not happening when I supply the width attribute of processes tag to 300px. Can you please suggest some solution for it.
  5. Can I use the FusionCharts.js provided with FusionCharts for drawing FusionWidgets or vice-versa.
  6. I want to have two charts in one page. Above should be a multi line chart and below is a Gantt Chart.(Image attached) The Gantt Chart shows 24 hour time range.(for example from 10/02/2010 (Midnight 12am) to 11/02/2010 (Midnight 12am)). The multi line chart has time duration in x axis. The time duration for multi line chart is exactly same as that for Gantt chart. The time shown on multi line chart should be in sync with Gantt Chart. Means when seen vertically top to bottom both multi line chart and Gantt chart should show the same point of time. Means when its 3:15 am for Gantt it should be 3:15 am for multi line,when its 2:31 pm for Gantt it should be 2:31pm for multi line. Please suggest some solution for this. One possible thing I could think of was to set canvasLeftMargin of multi line chart = chartLeftMargin of Gantt+process width of Gantt. Also to set chartRightMargin of Gantt = chartRightMargin of multi line. Please suggest some solution.
  7. Divisions in Gantt Chart

    Please look at the attached image. This is taken from one of the Sample Gantt Chart provided in Fusion Widgets documentation. I want to show the red markings (divisions) as shown in the image. Each division would represent the time provided in the corresponding label of the category. There is nothing provided under category tag of fusion widgets for this. Please suggest some solution.