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  1. Problems After Updating to 3.12

    This week I updated an application my company is working on to the latest release of the FusionCharts suite (v3.12.0), and the latest angular directive (v3.1.0), and we are now seeing a number of issues. Issue 1: Labels don't render on a number of chart types: "line" "scrollColumn2d" "scrollline2d" "mscolumn3d" Issue 2: Charts aren't drawing correctly. Some line charts are not rendering the lines, and some pie3d charts are rendering the pie components as transparent. Issue 3: Chart elements are rendering as black boxes when using Edge browser On our side, the data and rendering code has not changed, and we were not experiencing this issues before we updated. We were using FusionCharts suite v13.10.1 and angular directive was v3.0.0 Any insights would be appreciated, as I'm sort of scratching my head trying to figure out what's changed here, and how I can get things working again.