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  1. batchExport not woking on Ipad

    Hi Ayan, I managed to figure out that the issue is being cause in this part of the code: b.raiseEvent("exported", { DOMId: M, height: g.height, width: g.width, fileName: e + "." + I, statusCode: void 0, statusMessage: void 0, notice: void 0 }, k.chartInstance); where it tries to get the g.height than it throws the error saying that g is undefined.
  2. Format Labels on pie chart

    Hi Akash, Thank you for your reply, in the example that you sent me you are using something like "displayValue": "Adult (34.4%)" that means that I have to calculate the percentage when setting the displayValue property. Is it possible to use variables like $label ($value %) in the displayValue or I do I have to set this manually? Regards,
  3. Format Labels on pie chart

    Hi there, In the pie charts the labels are always displayed like "labelName, percentagevalue %" is it possible to edit how this data is displayed to have it like "labelName (percentageValue%)"?
  4. Hi all, I have a bathcExport working in Chrome and Edge but still not working on Ipad or IE, do I have to include or set up anything else for it to work in the Ipad?
  5. FusionCharts.batchExport

    Hi Ayan, I am having an issue with the batch export, that is not working on Ipads or IE, do I need to add any extra configuration or library for it to work on Ipads?
  6. FusionCharts.batchExport

    Hi Ayan, Thank you for your reply, I noticed that yesterday while I was doing some tests to get it working, but even if I set only the width it does not work unless I set the height to. So I will go with this solution for now, but one thing I noticed is that the images still get a little blurred even in the fiddle you sent I notice that the same happens. Is it possible to get the images any better than that? I tried with jpeg and png but didn't notice much of a difference in them.
  7. FusionCharts.batchExport

    Hi there, I have a web site that I am building it with bootstrap in order to keep it responsive and to make the pages display correctly across all devices. My reports page have a few charts and in order to keep the responsiveness their width is set to 100%. The problem is that when I set this with percentage the batchexport function generates an image with 0 bytes. I tried in this fiddle and get an empty text file as response when I switch any of the charts to 100% Is there any way to keep the page responsive and still be able to use the batchExport functionality? Regards