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  1. Treemap chart

    Ok, i have fined this: https://www.fusioncharts.com/chart-primers/treemap-chart/
  2. Treemap chart

  3. Treemap chart

    Hi all, i have try to implement a treemap chart but in fields value i have negative data. I have see in official documents that a negative value is use in a sValue field, is true? I can't use negative data in value field? Thank you all for your help. This is my json file: "data":[ [ { "label":"Macrocategoria", "fillcolor":"8c8c8c", "value":100, "data":[ { "label":"Azionario", "value":69, "data":[ { "label":"Titolo 5", "value":"40,0%", "sValue":"5,0%" }, { "label":"Titolo 6", "value":"18,0%", "sValue":"6,0%" }, { "label":"Titolo 7", "value":"-2,0%", "sValue":"7,0%" }, { "label":"Titolo 8", "value":"13,0%", "sValue":"8,0%" } ] }, { "label":"Obbligazionario", "value":31, "data":[ { "label":"Titolo 1", "value":"10,0%", "sValue":"1,0%" }, { "label":"Titolo 2", "value":"5,0%", "sValue":"2,0%" }, { "label":"Titolo 3", "value":"15,0%", "sValue":"3,0%" }, { "label":"Titolo 4", "value":"1,0%", "sValue":"4,0%" } ] } ] } ] ], "colorrange":{ "mapbypercent":"1", "gradient":"1", "minvalue":"1,0%", "code":"6da81e", "startlabel":"Decline", "endlabel":"Rise", "color":[ { "code":"ffffff", "maxvalue":4, "label":"Static" }, { "code":"e24b1a", "maxvalue":"8,0%", "label":"AVERAGE" } ] }
  4. Pie Chart with drill down

    Hi everyone, there is a pie chart with function of drill down? I have try in your gallery but i do not have see nothing. Thank you.
  5. Pie Chart with drill down

    I have found this exaple: http://jsfiddle.net/fusioncharts/mwu41mug/
  6. Pie Chart with drill down

    Hi Ayan, i can ask you a question? I can implement a drill down function with a different chart for each level? For example, i can draw first chart with a pie and a second chart with a doughnuts? Thank you for your patience.
  7. Table chart

    Hi, everyone, today i should create a chart thath it have form of table. I have search in documents of fusion charts but i don't have see nothing. Do you have an idea with i can implement this function?
  8. Table chart

    Hi, it's a beautiful idea. Thank you for your help. Good bye
  9. Pie Chart with drill down

    Hi, thank you for your help.
  10. Excel formatting

    Good morning, I wondered if it was possible to format the excel sheet after export; You may choose the decimal number by aligning the cells to the right or left, and so on. Thank you all.
  11. Excel formatting

    OK, thank you so much.
  12. Goodmorning everyone, I have a problem with FusionCharts for IE. Specifically, in the export menu, I see all variances (PNG, JPG, SVG) but not XLS, while for other browsers everything works correctly. Is there some consideration to be taken? Thank you.
  13. Hi, i have tried to search a graph with zoomline animation but this does not exist. It's correct? It's not implemented yet?
  14. Hi, i have try to search a graph with zoomline animation but this doesn't exist. It's correct? Thankyou so much for your response.
  15. Always very kind. Today, I'll be checking and then I'll let you know. Good day and thank you again.
  16. This is my XML, but now i have see that the charts not have animation. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <chart caption"caption" numberprefix="" plotgradientcolor="" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" showalternatehgridcolor="0" divlinecolor="CCCCCC" showvalues="0" showcanvasborder="0" canvasborderalpha="0" canvasbordercolor="CCCCCC" canvasborderthickness="1" useRoundEdges="1" yaxismaxvalue="" setAdaptiveYMin="1" captionpadding="30" linethickness="3" yaxisvaluespadding="15" legendshadow="0" legendborderalpha="0" showLegend="1" palettecolors="#f8bd19,#008ee4,#33bdda,#e44a00,#6baa01,#583e78" showborder="0" logoURL="http://*****.png" logoPosition="TL" logoAlpha="50" logoScale="100" exportFileName="Indice_della_ragione_di_scambio___Conigli" animation="1" chartRightMargin="0" chartLeftMargin="0" exportEnabled="1" decimals="2" decimalSeparator="," thousandSeparator="." numberPrefix="" numberSuffix="" numberScaleValue="1000,1000,1000" numberScaleUnit="Mgl,Mio,Mld" forceDecimals="2" yAxisName="Base 2010=100"><categories><category label="Mag 2016" stepskipped="false" appliedsmartlabel="true" labeltooltext="" /><category label="Giu 2016" stepskipped="false" appliedsmartlabel="true" labeltooltext="" /><category label="Lug 2016" stepskipped="false" appliedsmartlabel="true" labeltooltext="" /><category label="Ago 2016" stepskipped="false" appliedsmartlabel="true" labeltooltext="" /><category label="Set 2016" stepskipped="false" appliedsmartlabel="true" labeltooltext="" /><category label="Ott 2016" stepskipped="false" appliedsmartlabel="true" labeltooltext="" /><category label="Nov 2016" stepskipped="false" appliedsmartlabel="true" labeltooltext="" /><category label="Dic 2016" stepskipped="false" appliedsmartlabel="true" labeltooltext="" /><category label="Gen 2017" stepskipped="false" appliedsmartlabel="true" labeltooltext="" /><category label="Feb 2017" stepskipped="false" appliedsmartlabel="true" labeltooltext="" /><category label="Mar 2017" stepskipped="false" appliedsmartlabel="true" labeltooltext="" /><category label="Apr 2017" stepskipped="false" appliedsmartlabel="true" labeltooltext="" /><category label="Mag 2017" stepskipped="false" appliedsmartlabel="true" labeltooltext="" /></categories><dataset seriesName="Indice Prezzi"><set value="77.8155" /><set value="81.6988" /><set value="77.3936" /><set value="76.2582" /><set value="92.9005" /><set value="117.3" /><set value="129.265" /><set value="126.81" /><set value="104.062" /><set value="93.0585" /><set value="99.8359" /><set value="102.165" /><set value="98.3108" /></dataset><dataset seriesName="Indice Costi"><set value="94.0203" /><set value="94.0203" /><set value="92.6672" /><set value="92.6672" /><set value="92.6672" /><set value="93.3232" /><set value="93.389" /><set value="93.5634" /><set value="93.9702" /><set value="93.9702" /><set value="93.9702" /><set value="93.9702" /><set /></dataset><dataset seriesName="Ragione di Scambio"><set value="82.7646" /><set value="86.8949" /><set value="83.5179" /><set value="82.2926" /><set value="100.252" /><set value="125.692" /><set value="138.415" /><set value="135.533" /><set value="110.739" /><set value="99.0298" /><set value="106.242" /><set value="108.72" /><set /></dataset></chart>
  17. I'm using IE11, I've included the screen with IE11 and Chrome. I tried to see these graphs with Edge and it's ok.
  18. Change export menu button

    Hi all guys, I have a problem. I should change the export button to something more talkative, it would be nice to just write export data. But I have no idea if it can be done and how. Could you give me a hand?
  19. Change export menu button

    Hello, thank you so much for your answer. I will try to add additional buttons to drive the event.
  20. Hello to everyone, I just migrated to the new version of FusionCharts. The only thing I can not understand is how to change the menu for data export. I would like to be able to move it down to the chart or left; Is there anybody who could guide me some guide? Thank you all.
  21. How to change menu export

    Hi, thankyou for your response.