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  1. Adding link to column

    Hi, I'm using a waterfall chart and I need to open some pop-ups with extra information when the user click any of the chart column. It is working fine, but I can't add a link to the total column. Is it possible, or I have to create my own total column? Now, I'm using the default "showSumAtEnd" : "1" Thanks teste.js
  2. Gantt Overlap Problem

    Thanks Ayan!! Problem Solved!
  3. Gantt Overlap Problem

    The tasks are generated through a sql query in another php. The 'start' and 'end' date of each task are loyal to the database. What i'm trying to do is to plot each task in a 'different line'. If one task from Jean goes from Jun, 10 until Jun, 20 and another task from Jean goes from Jun, 15 to Jun 25, the second task is plotted above the end of the first one, and it's not easy to see when the first one finishes. I attached a image of what I'm looking for, but instead of using 'planned' and 'actual', I'm using the 'j' variable to name each task for a different person. The first task for Jean is named '0', the second is named '1' and so on... and that repeats for every responsible
  4. Gantt Overlap Problem

    Sorry, my bad... I'm working on a Gantt chart, where I'm scheduling task for my team. Many of these tasks occur in parallel. I tried to use labels, so i could see all the tasks independently. I just attached the image and my gantt chart code. gantt.txt
  5. Gantt Overlap Problem

    Hi, I'm having the same issue... FusionWidgets V3.12.1