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  1. The error that appears from the fusionchart sample is "Ajax??????????!" I do not get an error from MY code. I just do not get a chart rendered. I only get the "Your fustionchart will render here" message on the page.
  2. Yes, I have tried this in several different examples from your support team, but it does not work as given. The echo outputs from the php in the sample and in my php are both in the correct json format. I can take either echo and render them directly with fusioncharts. In the provided sample, I get the ajax error message alert. When I use the same method to my application, i do not get the alert, but i also do not render a chart. The problem must lie in the ajax app, or I am missing something in my js/ folder to allow jquery to work properly. I changed the file paths in the sample to match my file directory. The database works, and the php query and echo work. Is there a simple method to test the jquery is working properly?
  3. I have a multi-series stacked column chart working with php. The chart gets the data from my localhost database, does a complicated query to perform some mathematics to the data, populates another table, then uses the new table data to render a fusionchart. All of this works if I run the php as a stand alone in my browser by just rendering the chart in the php file. Now I want to wrap this with ajax to make the chart live as the data updates without the need to hit the refresh button in the web browser. There is a tutorial in fusioncharts for an ajax app, but it is for a simple chart, not a stacked chart. I cannot seem to get the "echo $jsonEncodedData" in my php file to render a chart in the ajax app. I know I am completely missing something in the app. app-lightchart_data-testing.js utilization_data.php lightchart_data-testing.php lightchart_data-testing.html