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  1. Drag Node Connector and Font size

    Thankyou so much. Was looking for that from so many days. Also can you please let me know how to remove the dotted line appearing at the top and also line at the bottom.
  2. Drag Node Connector and Font size

    Hi , Any progress on the question-> How can I have my connector line to be like what I am expected in the attached diagram? I am looking for the same to have different connector line pattern.
  3. Heat map questions

    ok thanks!
  4. Heat map questions

    Also, can we have x axis labels both top and bottom?
  5. Heat map questions

    Thankyou so much !!! It worked . Was looking a way out from past few days . Thankyou !!
  6. Heat map questions

    Just wanna confirm that labels still can't be displayed on top??