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  1. Base Font Color not applying

    Hi Team , We are using Fusion chart XT with version 3.12.0 concern is not base font color not applying on pie 2d, pie 3d and dougnut chart but applying on all other chart please navigate to resolve this issue Thanks Aadesh Mahajan
  2. Chart not rendering while tab is not active

    Thanks Ayan
  3. Data Points limit of charts

    HI Prerana, Thank you, it will be helpful for me
  4. Data Points limit of charts

    Hi prerana, Thanks for your response I am agree with your solution but i want data points limits of charts as i saw in one of question in forum where they told the minimum data-plot limit for Pie 2D chart is 700 approx. and for Pie 3D chart, it is 350 approx. i provided link below of that topic can you provide list of certain data points limits of charts Thanks
  5. Special character Encoding Problem

    Hi Prerana, have you any update on this issue? waiting for your update Thanks
  6. Hi Team, We are using Fusion Chart XT with version 3.12.0 Please follow below steps :- 1. Open two different browser tabs 2. in tab one hit this link http://jsfiddle.net/fusioncharts/s7t8F/ or your own link with some charts 3. in tab one, hit F5 to refresh the tab and immediately move to second tab and wait till first tab will load 4. now again back to fist tab and you will find chart is rendering our concern is charts will be render only when you will be active on first tab again ? Thanks Aadesh Mahajan
  7. Data Points limit of charts

    Hi Team, We are using Fusion Chart XT with version 3.12.0 v. Our user has huge data so we wanted to restrict user to draw chart with huge data that's why we need to know data points limit of all chart. Can you please provide list of data point limit of charts of Fusion Chart XT (3.12.0 version). Awaiting response. Thanks Aadesh mahajan
  8. scroll charts support

    Hi Ayan, Thank you for your suggestions, now it's working fine. Thanks Aadesh Mahajan
  9. scroll charts support

    Hi Ayan, Thanks for the response when i draw simple Area 2D chart with alias area2d it's rendering without any error but when i change alias of chart from area2d to scrollarea2d it's giving exception as i mention in above message same thing i did with scroll stacked column 2d chart but that is working fine can you have any suggestion for the same thanks
  10. scroll charts support

    Hi Team, We are using Fusion Chart XT with version 3.12.0 with this we are getting error of type undefined while rendering scroll area 2D and scroll line chart we just want to know this type of charts is supported with version as i mentioned above and can you please give me list of scroll charts which are supported with version 3.12.0 i attached image of error awaiting response Thanks Aadesh Mahajan
  11. Is there any way to get chart specific customization property

    Hi Akash, Thanks for the response i want to know that is there any API to fetch chart specific attribute pragmatically awaiting response Thanks Aadesh Mahajan
  12. Hi Team, I have one query related to Fusion Charts XT we are facing problem that Fusion Charts XT has huge basic and advanced customization property and some property common for all chart and some are specific to chart so it's difficult to us to check every single property with every chart Is there any way to get chart specific basic and advance customization property? looking for your response Thanks
  13. Special character Encoding Problem

  14. Special character Encoding Problem

    Hi, Awaiting Response
  15. Special character Encoding Problem

    HI, Thanks for the response As you requested i modified sample fiddle http://jsfiddle.net/nAa33/273/ you can see on updated sample that < and > are converted on chart render but " and & is not converted in it's original form