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  1. Autoexport chart to a location

    Akash I read the export server link you provided. That sounds like someone still needs to initiate the export. is that correct? Thanks.
  2. Autoexport chart to a location

    I am using Fusion Charts in Filemaker databases, which has been fun. I used a filemaker fields and scripts to create the javascript code. Then in filemaker I can see the graphs. What I need to do is be able to automatically export the graph, in an image format (png preferred) to a specific location on our network. Is this possible? Is there a command that automatically export this when the code is generated? I'm open to other suggestions too. Thanks.
  3. Can Trendlines change mid-chart?

    THanks for your feedback. I'll have to try these out.
  4. Lets say, I have a monthly sales chart for 2017. I want to have a trendline that will change. Meaning, In January-June, my goal (trendline) was $100,000 but then July to September I change my goal to $150,000. can a trendline do that? or do I have to use a dataset series as a line to do this? thanks.