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  1. Gantt Chart Indent Tasks

    I am working with a FusionCharts gantt chart. My customer is interested in having the tasks for each project line item indented. It looks like some industry gantt charts indent tasks associated with a project, while other gantt charts do not. FusionCharts seems to be one of those charts that doesn't. I was able to set the main project row to have a bold font, using the isBold option when I create my processes json. I did not see any other options for text formatting that could help me force an indent of the subsequent tasks associated with the project row. I tried using escape characters, spaces ( ), and regular spaces, tabs (\t), none of these had any luck. The spaces ( ) actually showed up on the gantt chart infront of the task names. Interestingly enough, when I did use escaped tabs or spaces, the tooltip that popped up when I put my mouse over the task row was indented, but the actual task on the gantt chart was not indented at all, or displayed the space characters ( ). Is there any tag or formatting I can apply to my task names to get them indented, while leaving my rows with the project names not indented and bold?