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  1. Fusioncharts And Elasticsearch

    Hello Milan, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum! FusionCharts does not support post data request internally as of now. So you need to fetch the data using JavaScript Ajax post request, and then update the data to the Chart. Please refer to the attached sample.
  2. Exporting Problem

    Hi, Please make sure that the FCExporter.php is in the same domain and there is no blank lines within the <?php ?> tag in export modules php files.
  3. Chart Not Displaying!

    Hi, You are most welcome. Keep smiling and keep FusionCharting.
  4. Chart Not Displaying!

    Hello, Welcome to FusionCharts forum. Please make sure that the path of FusionCharts.js, FusionCharts.php and Column3D.swf files are correct. Hope this helps.
  5. Sending Strings Through Urlencode

    Hi Satish, If you want to send C-24 as a string you have to put it inside quotation $var = "C-24"; and than send it to the function.
  6. Exporting Problem

    Please make sure that FusionCharts.js included in you page and try. Hope this helps
  7. Exporting Problem

    Hello, Please make sure that the path of exportHandler='FCExporter.php' is correct and there is a little modification you need to do in FCExporter.php like define ( "SAVE_PATH", "./" ); Place your folder path here. define ( "HTTP_URI", "" ); Define your HTTP Mapping Url here. Hope this solves your purpose. Looking forward to your feedback on the same.
  8. To export client side chart

    Hi, We have tested with your xml, its working fine and we have created a sample for your with the xml you send us. Please find attached files for the working sample. Hope this helps.