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  1. Hey @Akash Biswas I know it is working in firefox when I am using your code in the fiddle directly. As you can see in the screenshot above, "dy" value for 'tspan' has some negative value. I am not able to understand what is going wrong. While rendering the chart, this was working properly but after changing the code from rerendering to update, it is not working and it is happening in firefox only. I have tried by adding a blank annotation and then updating it when I want to show annotation, that helped me when there is no data to show on the charts. But when I have some data to show and along with that, if I am trying to show annotation I am getting issue. In the above image, I am trying to show a text along with the data and it is not coming. For this above image, legends are not coming, if the chart was blank initially and then I am trying to show it with some data using the update code. Can you tell me what I might be doing wrong for which this dy value became negative with the update code and only happening in firefox? Thanks
  2. Hi I am trying to set annotations in the chart, when there is no data present to show for piechart. For all the browsers it is working fine, except in Firefox. I am updating the chart using 'setJSONData', when there is no data to show I am trying to show an annotation. But it is not coming up in firefox. As you can see in the above image, it is not showing any annoation. I tried inspecting and this is what I got Seems Element is there but it is not properly positioned. Annonation I am using is as below: "annotations": { "width": "200", "height": "300", "autoScale": "1", "groups": [ { "id": "user-images", "items": [ { "id": "dyn-label", "type": "text", "fillcolor": "#cdcdcd", "font":"lato", "fontsize": "20", "text": "test message to show", "bold": "1", "wrap": "1", "wrapWidth": "300", "x": "$canvasCenterX", "y": "$canvasCenterY-50", "scaleText":"1" } ] } ] } Can someone help me with this issue? What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  3. Hi @Ayan Bhadury Can you give me some code snippet to show hand cursor for 3d pie chart?
  4. Hi @Akash Biswas, That will work for my requirement. Will it work for any chart?
  5. Hi, I don't want to show count on the bar for stack column chart, when the value is 0. As you can see in the above image, 0 is shown in the bottom, which does not make any sense to show, when the count is 0. It is confusing as well for the user. Is there any way to hide it? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I am trying to use 'link' but unable to make it work when function is not defined in the <script> tag in html. Please refer Clicking on Foods will show alert but clicking on Apparels will give error in console as 'hello1 is not defined'. Why link functionality is not working with 'hello1' function which is defined in the js part?
  7. How can I stop an on going render?

    Hi @Ayan Bhadury, Please see the fiddle The animation is not smooth. It is flickering when y-axis range is getting changed. Which is not looking good. Any solution for this?
  8. How can I stop an on going render?

    Ok @Ayan Bhadury That explains the attributes. I am planning to use these attributes, but in future, it should not just break. When can we get this attributes stable and how do I know when it is done fully?
  9. How can I stop an on going render?

    Hi @Ayan Bhadury Can you explain to me about "transposeAnimDuration" & "transposeAnimation" ? Or if you have any document I can refer to, can you share that with me? I am not getting any documentation for those.
  10. Hi, I was testing chart in all the browsers. So I figured out it is taking 5 seconds to load a single chart. Is fusionchart not compatible with edge browser?
  11. So it is again a workaround @Ayan Bhadury. If I will move the second chart up and the first chart down, it will show hand cursor for the chart which is there in the first position. I did not find it much useful as we have multiple charts, order of each chart can be changed by the user. Maybe somehow I have to use link only to show hand cursor till the time you guys are giving hand cursor for dataPlotClick.
  12. Hi @Ayan Bhadury Please refer I want hand cursor only in the first pie chart. So I have added your given code for that chart. But as you can see, it is showing hand cursor for the 2nd pie chart also. How can I prevent that?
  13. @Ayan Bhadury please give me some solution for below issue. We have multiple charts in one view. While using the code you have given, it is adding hand cursor to all of the bar charts in the view. How can I show hand cursor on the specific chart where we have enabled dataPlotClick?
  14. @Ayan Bhadury I have tried the workaround but it did not help me fully. We have multiple charts in one view. While using the code you have given, it is adding hand cursor to all of the bar charts in the view, which is not right. How can I make it work for only a specific chart instead of adding it for all of them? How will it work for pie chart? Right now it is only working on the bar charts.
  15. Hi @Ayan Bhadury , I will try this out. But I think showing hand cursor should be available for 'dataPlotClick' by default as it will work with click. Will it work in all the browsers?