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  1. Axis still shows dynamically, it should be 0 – 100% always. Please refer design screenshot. (highlighted in yellow)
  2. How to display static % in axis of Bar 3D

    Hi Thanks but I dont want to show middle level percentage like 20,40. I just want to show 0 and 100
  3. Hi team, Please tell me how to use scroll bars in Bar 3d chart? Chart is attached with this topic. I have multiple labels for this chart. i want to show just 3 on screen and rest of should be scrollable
  4. Hello team, I want to add percentage sign in Bar 3D. Please help me with this. Below is my code FusionCharts.ready(function () { var featureLevelChart = new FusionCharts({ "type": "bar3d", "renderAt": "featureLevelStatus", "width": "600", "height": "200", "dataFormat": "json", "dataSource": { "chart": { //"yAxisName": "Project Status", "theme": "fint", "plotSpacePercent": "10", "showPercentValues": "1", }, "data": [ { "label": "Compare Plans", "value": "25%" }, { "label": "Plan Details Page Redesign", "value": "15%" }, { "label": "Call Center Page Level Tracking (DialogTech)", "value": "10%" }, ] } }); featureLevelChart.render();
  5. How to add Percentage sign (%) in Bar 3D

    Hi, Sorry for confusion, I want toreduce space between chart and legends in pie 2d, 3d and Doughnut 2d chart
  6. How to add Percentage sign (%) in Bar 3D

    Thanks a lot!! I have one more question. how to reduce space between chart and legends? Also Can we decrease size of bars in Bar 3D?
  7. How to show percentage

    How to get new version of FushionChart?