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I'm a writer and editor with a BS in journalism and public relations and a portfolio of varied experience in help with college application, web content and news writing, essay proofing, resume editing, ghost writing blog posts, and more.I have worked in both non-profit academic publishing and in the corporate sphere. I am also a passionate reader with an in-depth knowledge of how the mechanics of writing work. It is believed that only negligent, lazy or wretched students seek essay help online for completing their written tasks. The rest of studying folk is always successful in everything they do and they manage to prepare top-notch papers of all kinds far in advance. However, life is also far from glossy pictures of students' happy life and nurturing environment in colleges or high schools. Written assignments tend to cluster in large numbers around certain time periods like end of the term, some topics may be too complex to be fully covered within assigned number of classes, and sometimes students simply cannot grasp the material in presentation of a certain teacher or professor.

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