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  1. Multiple Charts on same page

    Hi, I am doing as below to display multiple charts (Multi-Series Stacked Column chart) using ASP.NET 2.0 & VB.NET. In HTML Page, I am calling server side procedures as follows: <%=GenerateReport1()%> <%=GenerateReport2()%> In each of these functions, I am declaring xmlData as string and getting data from database and passing them onto FusionCharts.RenderChart function. For both charts I am using different xmlData variable & chartIds. What is happening is the 2nd chart is being displayed in place of first chart and 2nd chart doesn't display at all. But when there is no data for both charts, then i am displaying a message as " no data found / uploaded for the current week", which gets displayed correctly. Any ideas to fix this issue? Regards, Sudhakara.T.P.
  2. Hi, I have a .aspx page wherein I have 3-4 selection criterias. Based on the selected criteria by the user, I want to display this information on chart. This way, when the chart is exported, the selection criteria is displayed in the chart. Anyone who has this implemented, please let me know so that I can implement this. Regards, Sudhakara.T.P.
  3. Using MultiSeries 2D Graphs

    Hi, Can anyone please let me know how do i display second level series labels for x-axis. Regards, Sudhakara.T.P.