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  1. 25 years of programming experience. I've been developing with FusionCharts and ASP.Net on the front end, and MS SQLServer on the backend, for several years now. Latest focus has been with large scale data integration, in the mining industry using SSIS and other data integration technologies. Database expert. I've been developing dashboards world-wide, in multi language environments. English is my first language. Excellent communication skills. Totally open to 100% travel. I live in the Chicago area, and just rolled off a project in Australia. You can eMail me at Time2Boat at
  2. Trendline not showing

    Sure would be nice if support would answer some of these questions, in less than a couple of months.
  3. I decided to just use a global variable, to store the xml in.
  4. ok, i read the two links you provided. In those links, it states that the ClickURL allows 1 * Simple links that open in the same page 2 * Simple links that open in a new page 3 * Links that open in a specified frame 4 * Links that open in a new pop-up window 5 * Existing JavaScript functions (on the same page) to be invoked as links I see in your documentation, examples of (2). Where can I find examples of 3, 4, and 5? Also, since I do this: Dim SB as new stringbuilder, and then populate SB with the .append method, how can I then pass ''SB'' to the new chart?
  5. On my ClickURL method, of my chart, I call another web page that is exactly like the calling page, except the chart is larger. When I call this new page via: <chart clickURL='NewLargerVersionOfSameChart' is it possible to pass the xmlData to it, from the calling form? Or do I have to regather all my XMLdata again?
  6. I place all my charts in table cells. These tables resize dynamically as users resize their window, because I set the height and width to 100%. Is there any way to make my charts auto resize along with the table cells it's within?
  7. I have a page with 10 charts on it....thus they are small. I wish to click any of the charts, and have it zoom to 1024 x 768. Is this possible, or do I have to actually load a new form, on the click event?,
  8. I'm working in an, environment. Is there any way to offer the user, at the click of a check-box, to see a pie chart, change to a donut chart, without a page refresh?
  9. Thank you for the reply. I understand. I fought with this issue for quite some time, as I find it hard to believe you folks don't support VB.NET. Do you have any plans on doing so, in the future?
  10. It already is. Within my Codebehind, if I perform: Dim FC as new fusionCharts I should be able to perform: call FC.SetChartType("pie3d") and call FC.SetSize, also, yes?
  11. Please see attached error message, and assist with resolving. FusionCharts.js in in correct folder, and seen by my app. FusionCharts.dll is in my bin folder FusionCharts_Gen.asp is under App_Code
  12. how to solve this error

    Do we need to have both the FusionCharts_Gen.asp file in our App_Code folder, as well as the Fusion.dll file in the bin folder, to expose the functions like setChartParams, setSWFPath, and addDataFromDatabase ? What do I need to do, to use addDataFromDatabase in my VB.Net codebehind?
  13. I'm having the same problem. can you tell me how you did this Add refernece, to solve your problem?
  14. My code is below. I have FusionCharts.asp and FusionChart_Gen.asp in my App_Code folder. I have Fusion.dll in my Bin folder. When I run this, I get an error stating SetChartType is not a member of InfoSoftGlobal. Why isn't it seeing SetChartType() within my FusionChart_Gen.asp file, that's in the App_Code folder? ========================================== Imports InfoSoftGlobal Imports System.Data.SqlClient Imports System.Data Imports System.Text Partial Class Mock Inherits System.Web.UI.Page Public Function TestGraph() As String Dim FC As New FusionCharts Dim ds As New DataSet Call FC.setChartType("pie3d") Call FC.setSize("650", "450") Call FC.setSWFPath("Fusion/FusionCharts/") Dim strParam$ = "caption=Factory Output report;subCaption=By Quantity;pieSliceDepth=30;numberSuffix= Units;decimals=0" Call FC.setChartParams(strParam) Dim Adapter As New SqlDataAdapter Dim strConn As String = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("LF").ConnectionString Dim conn As New SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("LF").ConnectionString) Dim cmd As SqlCommand = conn.CreateCommand Adapter = New SqlDataAdapter("vwTest", ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("LF").ConnectionString) Adapter.Fill(ds) : Adapter.Dispose() Call FC.addDataFromDatabase(ds, "total", "FactoryName", "", "") ds.Dispose() Call FC.renderchart(False) End Function End Class