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  1. Hi any suggestions on above questions?
  2. Hi thanks for the update. But it is very complicated to integrate this into an existing application. Few questions: 1. What are server-side steps for integrating in Java application? 2. Since "Export As XLS" is not working, how can it be removed from the list in export chart popup? 3. getCSVData method only returns the csv data immediately after the chart is rendered. If that is invoked after few mins, then it returns null. Any idea on how to fix that? Thanks.
  3. The puzzling thing is some of the chart data is getting exported to xls (in new version of MS Excel) but others are throwing an error. Does the make sense? Is there a built-in way to export chart data to csv without writing much additional code?
  4. Hi, After upgrading to Fusioncharts version 3.11.0 and using Javascript renderer, we are not able to export chart data in XLS format. Below is the screenshot: After clicking on XLS, Excel throws below error: When the user clicks Yes, an empty spreadsheet opens with no data. Can you please advise how we can provide the feature to export chart data into XLS or CSV? Thanks.