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  1. Hey guys I am extremely new to Fusion Charts and I am doing some consulting and have ran into Fusion Charts. I am doing some localization work so I set the thousand separator and decimal separator and have that working on all my charts. On this one particular chart, we set the chart limits. On this chart, the x-axis no longer has its number format but the y-axis still does. I have tried passing the chart formatted x-axis min and max and that breaks. Is there something I can do so that my number formatting applies to the charts that have set chart limits?
  2. Chart Limits Number Formating

    It is rendering now for me, Can you set the thousand separator to a space and the decimal separator to a comma on the x-axis
  3. Chart Limits Number Formating

    Doesn't seem that the chart is rendering there. Looking at the code, where are you setting the thousand and decimal separator?
  4. Chart Limits Number Formating

    Thanks for reaching back out so quickly, I am not sure off the fusion chart given name for this chart but I have included a picture of the chart with the issue I am facing. If there is any other information that I can give to help solve this problem please let me know.