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  1. hello, Looking for a fusioncharts expert who can help develop 2 charts for our online data management system. first is just a simple timeline showing a time continuum, marking events that have a rank value. these data points will also be plotted on an interactive star or spider chart but requires an adaptation of the chart; only one variable per data point and axis of each variable is "Spread" into a slice of the pie, not single line. I can explain more to any interested parties. I look forward to the replies.
  2. I am looking for a dashboard site with a key feature of being a Radar or spider chart but 1- the data points represent only one variable - or a single point on the axis and 2- the axis is actually spread out to fill the whole section (or wedge) and not a single line. therefore the data point can move anywhere within the "wedge" and still be a value of that variable. the point is that there may be multiple values (or none) for any given variable. (actually, each wedge could be a series of the same axes, all indicating the same variable field, in the same wedge?/section). if this is confusing, the end goal is to have pie shaped chart with each pie slice a different variable. end user can add and move multiple data-points anywhere on chart; placement anywhere in a specific wedge attributes it to that variable; distance from center indicates the rank or value of the data point. 3- can drag and drop data point anywhere on chart; double clicking data point opens up record for that info.