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  1. Gantt Chart Duration Problem

    The chart is working properly now but i would like to know if the chart is able to repeat itself. An example is for 13/07/2010 a data in the chart has a period of 09:00:00 to 11:00:00. Is it able to repeat the period if i chose 15/07/2010? Provided a date period for it to repeat is set beforehand from 13/07/2010 to 16/07/2010??
  2. Hello, my gantt chart's duration/timeline always starts at 00:00:00 to 05:00:00 although my data's duration is from 01:00:00 to 05:00:00 on the same day. ANyone have a suggestion on how to fix it?? Thanks.
  3. Legend

    Thanks for the reply. Is it possible to change the color of the x axis name separately?? Example:xaxisname: Item A,B,C. I want A to be red, B to be black and C to be blue. Is it possible to do that?? Thanks
  4. Legend

    Thank you for the help. It was enlightening. I was wondering is there any way to change the text that is displayed on the SSGrid? I want it to display other words instead of those from the x-axis. Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Legend

    Thanks for the suggestion. Is there any way to customize the content displayed in SSGrid? I want to have a legend to indicate what the color in the column3D represents.
  6. Legend

    As mentioned, is it possible to display the legend?? I really need to use it in single series. Tried with other charts (not from single series) and it does not look nice. Thanks
  7. Batch Export for Server Side

    Forgive me if this sounds stupid..but is this what you mean?? script type="text/javascript" function ExportMyCharts() { var chartObject1 = new Array(); var i=0; for(i=1; i<=chartObject1.length; i++) { chartObject1 = getChartFromId('<%=rwId%>'); if( chartObject1.hasRendered() ) {chartObject1.exportChart({exportFormat:'PNG'});} } } /script
  8. Batch Export for Server Side

    Hello, I am sorry that i have not replied accurately. What i meant to say is that i have problem with the number of charts image i would like to save to the server because the number of charts to be saved at one time with one click varies and not static all the time. Thank you.
  9. Batch Export for Server Side

    Hello, i have tried the method before but it is not working and the number of charts being shown is dynamic. Thank you.
  10. Batch Export for Server Side

    Thank you for replying so fast. The snippets are: Random rdWidget = new Random(); int intWidgetId = rdWidget.nextInt(1000) + 1; String rwId = Integer.toString(intWidgetId); ... [jsp:include page="../include/FusionChartsRenderer.jsp" flush="true" ] [ jsp:param name="chartSWF" value="../charts/Column3D.swf" / ] [ jsp:param name="strURL" value="" / ] [ jsp:param name="strXML" value="<%=strXML%>" / ] [ jsp:param name="chartId" value="<%=rwId%>" / ] [ jsp:param name="chartWidth" value="600" /] [ jsp:param name="chartHeight" value="500" / ] [ jsp:param name="debugMode" value="false" / ] [ jsp:param name="registerWithJS" value="true" / ] [/jsp:include] i would appreciate it if you would show me how to initiate export to save folder of the charts. Thank you in advance.
  11. Batch Export for Server Side

    Thank you for the reply. It does help a little. However, my chart Ids are dynamic and random. Can you show me how to put it into the getChartFromId? thank you
  12. Batch Export for Server Side

    Forgive me if my question seems repeating but is it possible to export multiple charts in server side to their own single individual save file with one click of the button?
  13. Hello all, I would like to know how to batch export charts in server side with one click of the button. Thanks for all the help:)