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  1. I want to make my own desktop stock simulator replay of historical stock price moves. I have a sample dataset of time-series price data available in CSV format. Essentially, I just need to render this data on canvas. The main point is to accumulate more trading experience in less time. A user can speed trade thru sessions for entire year in a week! I made a gif of another program made in Delphi(not open-source) to demonstrate the program I want to build. The high quality tick data shows change every milisecond, so it has more fields than just “open high low.close,volume”, so i guess will need some milisecond clock counter to reflect every change in price. I attached the gif of what it should be like. It seems fusion charts only does static rendering, drawing, I want to pause the “price”, start again, and speed up how fast\slow it draws candlesticks. The canvas should have these tech features : 1)automatic scaling to fit in entire price range when price moves out of bounds of the canvas – all bars should adjust their size accordingly, zoom in\out - look at the attached GIF. 2)speed adjusting slider to slow down/increase the drawing speed 3)Go back or forward bar by bar when paused Can fusion charts help me implement all these features? I can pause stock price move, adjust the speed of movements, slow it down etc. Pls tell me if fusion charts or what product has this capability to implement my simulator.