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  1. Hi, I've been away. Where should I send this - or rather - how?? I'm not using fusionCharts.js anywhere in the HTML. I'm calling (chart1 is a literal) chart1.Text = FusionCharts.RenderChartHTML("../FusionCharts/Pie2d.swf", "", xmlRange1.ToString(), "chart1", "100%", "100%", false, true, true);
  2. The structure of the site is as follows / Default.aspx (contains Dashboard.ascx) / Controls / Dashboard.ascx (this contains AircraftAge.ascx) / Controls / AircraftAge.ascx (this contains a chart) / FusionCharts I've tried the path of the SWF in AircraftAge.ascx as ../FusionCharts/Pie2d.swf /FusionCharts/Pie2d.swf ../../FusionCharts/Pie2d.swf and none seem to work on the test webserver for IE or Chrome. The test webserver has a virtual directory which is pointed to the location of default.aspx
  3. On my dev box, all browsers display the charts. On the test server, only FF displays the charts, yet the source on IE and Chrome contains the charts. Why would IE and Chrome not display the charts from the server, but yet work on my local dev box?
  4. Having looked through previous posts on this subject, I fel it was worth highlighting again. When do you plan on adding an autolayout function? As the function is missing, what alternatives do I have? Cheers Paul