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  1. Hi Akash, I am not Alexej. It is possible to create an NPS by FusionCharts or not? NPS by FusionCharts The location of the TickValues are a little bit not nice. And how to hide the pivot / needle? I don't want to hide only a single tick value absolutely, I am looking for a possibility to costumize the tick values. regards Axel
  2. Hi Akash, thank you for the reply. It's nothing to see on your jsfiddle, the close button doesn't work. But my question was, to costumize the shown text of the values of the major tick marks. I want only to tag the (border) values of the colored areas, no other values. That is not possible in the angular gauge rendering? I want to create such like this: Is there anyone, who can help me seriously. Best regards Axel
  3. Hello, this angular gauge here: basics of angular gauge or jsFiddle example have 5 major tick marks. It is possible to configure the major tick marks without the value of 25 in this fiddle for example (jsFiddle example), but the other major tick marks stay at their positions? At the upperLimit or lowerLimit there are the posibility to set "upperLimitDisplay": " ", Maybe also for one of the other major tick marks is it possible to set an empty value?
  4. position of Text in a stackedbar2d

    Maybe there is no developer who wants or can or both to reply to this question or is it not comprehensible? Actually I only need the name of the property for the whole length of both horizontal bars.
  5. Hello, I have several stackedbar2d with very different values. In the bars have to be a text with also the value of the bar. For the position of the text I have this line: "x": "$dataset.1.set.0.X - 90", in the script for the stackedbar2d. The number of the x-position I have to change by every value of the bar length, otherwise the text is not on the same position in display. Is there any solution for this problem? Maybe by an calculation with the whole length of both bars in pixel and a constant? Here is an fiddle example for that. first chart: "groups": [ { "id": "Callout", "items": [ { "id": "CalloutLabel0", "type": "Text", "fontSize": "12", "bold": "0", "fillcolor": "#333", "text": "N=164 MW=5.8", "align":"left", "x": "$dataset.1.set.0.X - 200", "y": "$dataset.0.set.0.starty + 10" }, $dataset.1.set.0.X - 200 in the chart below: $dataset.1.set.0.X - 320 if both has $dataset.1.set.0.X - 320 then you have this result here. (please use chrome browser for fiddle maybe)