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  1. Connectors are not displayed

    I solved the issue! There were also connectors defined, which do not match to the sets, and so some connectors weren't displayed. thx
  2. Connectors are not displayed

    Hello, have you checked my XML File? I've found a connector Element which should connect "Donny: Tochter2" and "Donny:Mutter". Have you changed the xml? I do not really understand what you mean - sorry br
  3. Connectors are not displayed

    Hello, i have a problem concerning PowerCharts DragNode Charts. I checked the ids form the sets and the connectors and there is a Problem, that not all connectors are shown! I've marked them in the Screenshot! See also the XML-File from the chart. XMLFILE: br
  4. Hello, as I've read in some posts before, there is often the desire to get an automatic positioning for drag node charts. Because most of these posts were older than one year, I'm renewing the question. Will this feature be implemented or is it implemented of course yet? I thank you for your replies - this topic is really important for me br