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  1. In my gantt chart columns are days of the month. All columns are displayed nicely expect column representing Friday of each week. It's width is bigger than rest of the columns. I have attached chart snap for your reference. I need each column should have same width. Please advice. Gantt Chart Snap.bmp
  2. Gantt chart - Height

    I want my gantt chart should adjust height as per content displayed. It should adjust as per the no of rows (ResourceNames) displayed in it. When I gave fixed height, chart displayed as per height given, However when I gave 100% height, chart did not display at all. I have given below my syntax. Please advice. return FusionCharts.RenderChartHTML("FusionCharts/Gantt.swf", "", sbChartXML.ToString(), "myNext", "100%", "100%", false, false);
  3. Events - Gantt Chart

    We need to capture particular task cell click event in Gantt chart. On click we need to get task id and pass it to popup window for further processing. I am new to fusion charts. I searched for available events, however I did not find any events associated with task row/cell. Please advice.