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  1. Ayan, Thank you so much for your help on this issue. It has been resolved. I switched routing packages in Meteor to Flow-Router from Iron Router and that fixed it. While Meteor is full stack reactive, Iron Router doesnt like to rerender anything if it doesnt have to.
  2. Ayan, thank you again for your help. I was able to get back to this project and get a live url for you to see: https://grxdash.meteorapp.com/Home The only issue I am having now is the reactivity issue where the webpage does rebuild when the xml file is updated but fusioncharts doesnt restart.
  3. Ayan, Thank you for your help. Taking your suggestion I tried loading the three fusioncharts scripts lines of code to the main & home templates: <head> <script type="text/javascript" src="fusioncharts/js/fusioncharts.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="fusioncharts/js/fusioncharts.charts.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="fusioncharts/js/themes/fusioncharts.theme.carbon.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> That did correct some of the behavior. I no longer have to click anything twice before fusioncharts loads. Thank you for that. I still need to figure out the reactivity issues. I used the xmlurl method to implement the charts and when those underlying xml files change the website does rebuild but fusioncharts doesnt reload for some reason. I still have those same error messages. This is an internal site so I am struggling to see how can I give you a live link to use. I dont think fiddles will work because I dont think fiddles allow you to use the xmlurl method with a file in your public folder. Do you have a suggestion how I can do that? And thank you in advance for all of your help.
  4. First , I am a noob so if this question is not in the right place or is not clear I apologize. I created a multi page site for the internal use of my employer that has at least one chart on each page. I used Meteor to create the page. When it was a one page site with one chart fusioncharts would open right away and the charts were reactive as the xml file driving the chart changed, the chart would refresh. When I went to a multi page site, I lost the reactivity and the charts would never initiate on the first time opening a page. After you clicked to the page again or even a different page with a chart on it, fusioncharts would start. From then on you can click on a fusion charts page and it will open properly. When the xml files change however, the chart disappears and you have to open it twice again for it to reappear. When I look at the console I see this output: Uncaught ReferenceError: FusionCharts is not defined at <anonymous>:2:1 at Function.DOMRange._insertNodeWithHooks (blaze.js?hash=a1ff2d6d5ecd59ee11e2ba260b8650a9d1140f59:407) at Function.DOMRange._insert (blaze.js?hash=a1ff2d6d5ecd59ee11e2ba260b8650a9d1140f59:376) at Blaze._DOMRange.DOMRange.attach (blaze.js?hash=a1ff2d6d5ecd59ee11e2ba260b8650a9d1140f59:453) at Function.DOMRange._insert (blaze.js?hash=a1ff2d6d5ecd59ee11e2ba260b8650a9d1140f59:371) at Blaze._DOMRange.DOMRange.attach (blaze.js?hash=a1ff2d6d5ecd59ee11e2ba260b8650a9d1140f59:453) at Function.DOMRange._insert (blaze.js?hash=a1ff2d6d5ecd59ee11e2ba260b8650a9d1140f59:371) at Blaze._DOMRange.DOMRange.attach (blaze.js?hash=a1ff2d6d5ecd59ee11e2ba260b8650a9d1140f59:453) at Function.DOMRange._insert (blaze.js?hash=a1ff2d6d5ecd59ee11e2ba260b8650a9d1140f59:371) at Blaze._DOMRange.DOMRange.attach (blaze.js?hash=a1ff2d6d5ecd59ee11e2ba260b8650a9d1140f59:453) fusioncharts.theme.fint.js:8 Uncaught ReferenceError: FusionCharts is not defined at fusioncharts.theme.fint.js:8 at fusioncharts.theme.fint.js:8 fusioncharts.charts.js:6 Uncaught ReferenceError: FusionCharts is not defined at fusioncharts.charts.js:6 at fusioncharts.charts.js:6 DevTools failed to parse SourceMap: I have googled around trying to figure these messages out with no luck. I dont know if these messages have anything to do with fusioncharts behavior described above, but i think it is a good place to start. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.