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  1. zooming

    Hello, I am looking for a chart solution for Coldfusion 8 that allows for zooming. This question is also asked in 2006. The answer back then was that it will be incorprated soon. Is Fusioncharts or Powercharts now supporting zooming? Marc
  2. Hi, I use the dataUrl parameter to render a chart using the multipleAxis swf. This works fine. Now I want to send a parameter to the server side script which retrieves the xml for the swf. This in order to create multiple charts for a single page request. To differentiate between charts I add "&id=" to the dataUrl parameter where is a uuid. So my DataUrl parameter reads like this: dataURL="http://pimso/coldboxproxy.cfc?method=getXmlData&id=550e8400-e29b-41d4-a716-446655440000" Instead of a nice graph the swf now displays an "invalid xml data" error message. This is strange because if I use the url by itself in a new tab the xml data loads with no problem. So it is retrieved but the flash file refuses to read it. I have no clue as to what may cause this but wonder -after quickly looking at another related post - if this has to do with the '&' in the url? If so, how can I use a parameter in calling the data for the swf file in the way described? Thanks, Marc
  3. Hello, I recently installed FCv3 trial and I got it up and running in minutes. I love it since most other charting solutions for CF are java based and more complicated. I want to do some thing that are not possible using the built-in CF cfchart tag: Display a chart containing multiple series. A serie may have data in the range 0-1 while another serie may have data in the range 20.000-22.000. How can I show these 2 series in the same graph while each serie is visible each series is having it's own value axis? If I use 1 value axis either the series with values between 0-1 is invisible or vice versa. Multiple series. If I have a chart showing multiple series is it possible to hide/show individual series in the graph e.g by using checkboxes below the chart to toggle display? I want my users to be able to toggle the display of individual series, preferably without another trip to the server to retrieve data. Are these things possible with FusionChart or Powerchart?? Thanks, Marc
  4. Please add a zoom feature

    For my customer a zoom feature is a decisive issue. If FC/Powercharts will have this feature, i will use it. If not I will have to look for another solution. Marc