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  1. Bermuda

    One of our users is complaining that Bermuda isn't on the North America map. Is there some reason why it was omitted?
  2. legend colors not appearing

    I found switching to Arial did work, but I do not find this an acceptable workaround. I would like to be able to use other fonts for the charts to match the rest of my web site. All other fonts I've tried however result in the empty legend colours. Please find a solution to this problem. Perhaps you should draw coloured boxes rather than relying on a character that is not present in all fonts. Or you could use a square bullet character but increase the relative font size so that it appears as a larger square.
  3. UK Map is wrong

    Oh, and one more thing: the north east part of England is usually represented by two regions: Yorkshire & Humberside and the "North-East".
  4. UK Map is wrong

    The UK map seems to have one major problem and a more minor one. The major problem is that the bottom "region" of Scotland has been put into England. This is visible on the example map when you hover over either territory: A second, more minor, problem is that the regions on the UK map don't appear to correspond to "normal" regional divisions. The UK is obviously divided into its countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Some maps include these divisions but also divide England into regions (as shown on this Wikipedia page). The FusionCharts map of the UK includes the English regions, but the border between the East and South East regions is wrong, at least compared to every other map of England's regions I've seen. In addition, the three regions of Scotland on the FusionCharts map don't appear to have any real basis (again, Wikipedia). I'd suggest that if the UK map is going to be divided, it should be done into the four constituent countries, or into the four countries plus the regions of England.
  5. It appears that Nunavut and Nova Scotia have been switched on the Canada map. The IDs and labels are specified wrong.