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  1. Bullet graph

    Hello, I've tried that. It is a solution but not completely. The problem is that plots can have 1 position. A plot must have a position for example between 1 and 2. So 1.1, 1.2... The plot function that you have i really like. But there isn't a way to combine those 2 charts? (column and plot)
  2. Bullet graph

    Thank you for you're reply. I will discuss it with my manager. I've got another question. Is it possible to make this graph with FusionCharts? Also a screenshot from excel. We need to write a excel worksheet to a web application.
  3. License question

    Hello, We are development a application that analyses financial information. Now we want to use FusionCharts. We are developing it on 1 server. It is possible in the future that the application will be stored on another server. For instance internally by the customer. Which license will fit or needs? Is there a way we can start building on 1 server and when the time comes that we can add another license for that specific customer? Thanks in advance.
  4. Bullet graph

    Hello, I'm developing an application that analyses financial information. I was searching for flash charts and i found FusionCharts! Which is a great component i want to use. I've downloaded the evaluation version and made some prototypes to test if it fit my needs. Now I've got a graph with bullets and columns. But how can i accomplish that? In the screen shot you see an example. This was made in Microsoft Excel. Is this possible with only the license for FusionCharts or do i need a combination with Fusion Widgets and FusionCharts. Excuse me for my English. Thanks in advance.