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  1. Hello Akash, First of all thanks for your reply. When i'm using this fusion chart in my local system with window 7 it is working fine with all level and also on prod server with window 10 it shows first chart but after drill down to next level it is showing mentioned error on prod server. So please clarify on this that i need to change fusionchart.hc.js for windows 10 update right? Note : Is it fusionchart OS/browser dependent or not please clarify the version compatibility for fusion chart (for OS and browser).
  2. I have updated window 10 server 2012 R2 and also java from 1.7 to 1.8. After update i'm able to show chart but when drill down to next level getting below mentioned error. Error: script5007: unable to get property 'push' of undefined or null reference in fusionchart.hc.js found line which include error on console of browser (checked in chrome, IE11 and mozila same error in all the browsers): .push({cmd:"render",obj:this,args:arguments}) in fusionchart.hc.js file.