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    Just starting with FusionCharts so bear with me. I've set up the example charts and all works fine. Now I want to pull data from a SQL database. I thought this would be easier now that SQL can output JSON data. However, so far I've not been able to make it work. In the example on the homepage, for asp.net, the JSON data looks like this: "{\n \"chart\": {\n \"caption\": When I use a SQL query returning JSON and not a data set I get: "\"chart\": { \"caption\": My SQL statement: SELECT TOP 1000 Topping, CAST(Slices as varchar(10)) as Slices FROM dbo.tblPizza FOR JSON PATH; So, two questions: a. Can we use SQL's output of JSON data? If so how? b. If "a" isn't possible, how can I get all those "\n"'s in the right places to make the database output work? I've uploaded a file that shows more of the above strings from the FusionChart homepage example and what I get from SQL. Thanks for you help. FusionChart_Comparison.txt