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  1. Need to expand Gantt Chart down the page automatically

    Reading around, I'm assuming there is an issue with this and in a future release there will be gantt charts with vertical scrolling. The solution I am going to do it count the number of projects I have using PHP and multiple that value by 80px, therefore giving each project a row hight of 80px and use this value as the flash movie height when I load the page. I was trying to avoid using more PHP and hoped there was some magic function or process that would do this for me. Matt
  2. Rotating Category Labels

    Hi, I'm trying to rotate the category labels at the top of my Gannt chart, but nothing seems to work. I've rotated the labels on bar and line graphs with any problems so assumed it would be just as easy. The picture above is a snapshot of the top of my graph, it should be displaying a date but its only go room for the first number in the day part. I've tried adding the following to my XML file... labelDisplay='Rotate' slantLabels='1' Cheers Matt
  3. Hi, I'm using a gantt chart to show a number of projects and tasks. When the chart loads I set the height to 300px... var myChart = new FusionCharts("lib/charts/Gantt.swf", "myChartId", "927", "300", "0", "0"); The problem is that I need to load a different number of projects everytime and they just get squased if there are too many. Is there any way the flash file could automatically expand down the page and always have the same size row height allocated to each project... If you have a look at the image it should be reading 'Test 2' for each line, but its cut off. Thanks Matt
  4. Force charts to Render in Firefox

    Thanks for all your input guys. The solution I found was... 1. When the user hits the print button a jQuery Impromptu popup appears asking the user to select what charts then want to print by ticking various tick boxes. 2. When the above popup is loaded, a callback function is used to scroll down the page and back to the top. But because there is an Inpromptu popup the users doesn't see the page scrolling up and down. Effectivly I'm tricking the browser to think the user has scrolled up and down the page and know it has to render the chart. 3. By the time the user has selected the charts they want to print the pages has rendered all charts 4. They then hit print, and export images to the server for each chart 5. Once the final chart they eported is done, using another callback function I create a PDF with all the charts in 6. Job done!
  5. Force charts to Render in Firefox

    Hi, Thanks for the reply, I have all the code in place to make sure the graph has rendered before it tries to export. But in in Firefox you have to scroll down the page and view every chart for it to render them, from a useability point of view this is not great as I have a print button at the top of my page, clicking the button launches my Javascript function that is saving each graph image to the server. I don't want to force the user to view all the charts before they can export them, I was hoping there was some way I could change a setting to tell firefox to render the chart straight away, or use Javascript in my function to render the chart if has not been rendered already?! Thanks Matt
  6. Force charts to Render in Firefox

    I have 7 charts in a page and I need to export all the charts to the server and then I'm going to do some clever stuff to create a PDF inserting all the charts into PDF, combining it with outher data in the PDF to create a report. The problem I have is that the charts won't export until they have been rendered in the page, and in order to do this I need to view each graph and scroll down the page, is there anyway I can force the charts to render without scrolling down the page and viewing them. I have had a look in IE and it looks like it renders all the charts straight away, but what about IE?