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  1. Hi am getting a javascript Error:Expected '(' while loading a chart.I tried with new FusionCharts.dll but of no use can you please advise. The version of dll i am using is If u have a latest version please post here....
  2. HI, I was trying to render more than one chart in a single page on different divs but only one chart is getting loaded and others are not loaded and the page is not loaded fully, can anyone help me in this issue....
  3. Multiple chart in one page

    Hi srividya sorry my fault i was wrong now i tried with unique chartid and it worked thanks to you and Basundhara too....
  4. Please post sample code for Combination chart such as 3D Column + Line Single Y Combination Thanks in advance......
  5. Multiple chart in one page

    hi srividya I am using Asp.Net 3.5 , yes i tried by giving unique chrtid but it didnt help....
  6. Multiple chart in one page

    HI all thanks for your reply please see the screen shot and see things marked in red. The first chart is displayed properly and the page shows loading.... continously for a long time and its never gets loaded completely...
  7. Yes madhumita if you can post the code to render the chart it would be helpfull
  8. JavaScript error Expected '('

    Ohhh Rahul Kumar Yes now its working like charm Thanks a lot i replaced the double quotes with single quotes and now it works fine....Thanks to Madhumitha also.:D
  9. JavaScript error Expected '('

    No One here to help me out!!!!!!!:w00t:
  10. JavaScript error Expected '('

    Hi, Did u see the code. anything wrong with it... please reply....
  11. JavaScript error Expected '('

    I am sorry my out going mails are blocked. i am attaching here there are three methods in the code CreateChart,CreateCombinationChart,CreateNewChart. The CreateChart works well. the Create new chart i have just copied the XML from Fusionchart site just to test it is also not working..If you want the entire project please let me know. Codes.ZIP
  12. JavaScript error Expected '('

    HI Madhumita I switched to latest version of Fusion chart v3 but the error is still there i am pulling my hair please help me out. Thanks & Regards Sujith S
  13. JavaScript error Expected '('

    Thanks for the quick reply I am using but i replaced the dll with (only the dll) Do i have to replace the javascript file too if so please post it. Thanks & Regards Sujith S
  14. JavaScript error Expected '('

    HI Madhumitha i am also using the same version dll anway i replaced it with the dll provided by you but the problem isnt resolved. it works fine with - <graph caption="[b]Item Wise Values[/b]" subCaption="[b]By Values[/b]" decimalPrecision="[b]0[/b]" divLineColor="[b]FFFFFF[/b]" showNames="[b]1[/b]" numberSuffix="[b]Units[/b]" pieSliceDepth="[b]7[/b]" formatNumberScale="[b]0[/b]"> <set name="[b]Item1[/b]" value="[b]1[/b]" color="[b]AFD8F8[/b]" /> <set name="[b]Item2[/b]" value="[b]2[/b]" color="[b]AFD8F8[/b]" /> <set name="[b]Item3[/b]" value="[b]3[/b]" color="[b]AFD8F8[/b]" /> <set name="[b]Item4[/b]" value="[b]4[/b]" color="[b]AFD8F8[/b]" /> <set name="[b]Item5[/b]" value="[b]5[/b]" color="[b]AFD8F8[/b]" /> <set name="[b]Item6[/b]" value="[b]6[/b]" color="[b]AFD8F8[/b]" /> - <trendlines> <line startValue="[b]5[/b]" displayValue="[b]Average[/b]" color="[b]009900[/b]" valueOnRight="[b]0[/b]" /> </trendlines> </graph> But the javascrippt error Expected '(' occurs for xml such as - <chart palette="[b]5[/b]" caption="[b]Product Sales[/b]" xAxisName="[b]Month[/b]" yAxisName="[b]Sales[/b]" numberPrefix="[b]$[/b]" rotateValues="[b]1[/b]" placeValuesInside="[b]1[/b]">- <categories> <category label="[b]January[/b]" /> <category label="[b]February[/b]" /> <category label="[b]March[/b]" /> <category label="[b]April[/b]" /> <category label="[b]May[/b]" /> <category label="[b]June[/b]" /> </categories>- <dataset seriesname="[b]Product A[/b]" color="[b]F0807F[/b]" showValues="[b]1[/b]"> <set value="[b]8343[/b]" /> <set value="[b]6983[/b]" /> <set value="[b]7658[/b]" /> <set value="[b]8345[/b]" /> <set value="[b]8195[/b]" /> <set value="[b]7684[/b]" /> </dataset>- <dataset seriesname="[b]Product B[/b]" color="[b]F1C7D2[/b]" showValues="[b]1[/b]"> <set value="[b]2446[/b]" /> <set value="[b]3935[/b]" /> <set value="[b]3452[/b]" /> <set value="[b]4424[/b]" /> <set value="[b]4925[/b]" /> <set value="[b]4328[/b]" /> </dataset> </chart> Please help me,....
  15. Hi am getting a javascript Error:Expected '(' while loading a chart.I tried with new FusionCharts.dll but of no use can you please advise. The version of dll i am using is If u have a latest version please post here....