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  1. I have created a simple stacked bar chart - but I want to force the yAxis to start at a non zero positive value. Seting yAxisMinValue does not appear to do anything! Can this be done ? thanks John <chart yAxisMinValue='40000' caption='Product-wise quarterly revenue in current year' subcaption='Harrys SuperMart' xaxisname='Quarter' yaxisname='Revenue (In USD)' numberprefix='$' theme='fusion'> <categories> <category label='Q1' /> <category label='Q2' /> <category label='Q3' /> <category label='Q4' /> </categories> <dataset seriesname='Food Products'> <set value='121000' /> <set value='135000' /> <set value='123500' /> <set value='145000' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesname='Non-Food Products'> <set value='131400' /> <set value='154800' /> <set value='98300' /> <set value='131800' /> </dataset> </chart>