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  1. HI Akash, Can we provide dynamic color through smartLineColor in Fusion charts options of Doughnut 2d Graph. I want to color the name as well the smart label line with same color as that of arc in front of it .is it possible? eg :- Kim(10/10/1989) and the line connecting it to be in blue color. and if possible can i pass array of colors for arc and then map it Thanks Suraj
  2. Doughnut 2d graph,annotation

    HI Akash, Please could you provide the same annotation(dynamic implementation) depending upon data input or data Sample. According to our implementation we want to plot data depending upon dynamic input from backend. So could you help me and tell how to find start angle and end angle of arcs in doughnut charts. Thanks Suraj
  3. Thanks Akash. That was helpful.
  4. Doughnut 2d graph,annotation

    Hi Akash, Thanks for the quick response, can you please provide sample fiddle for this. Thanks, Suraj
  5. Doughnut 2d graph,annotation

    I am using annotation.update for the same but what how to define reference points of these points in terms of X,Y,dx,dY.
  6. In Doughnut 2d Graph for printing labels on Arc of is there any attribute to do so.if not so how can we create annotation category with dynamic values according to the labels present in data. PF screenshot for the same
  7. Hi, We are using bar2d for horizontal bar chart. Our requirement is to show data labels and values on top of bars. Is there any configuration (attributes) that fusion chart provide to achieve this? Or is it possible to achieve this with annotations? If yes, then can you please the solution. Attached is the screen shot of our requirement.