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  1. Hi, When I batch export something like attached, it gets exported in an image in a one column which looks very long. Can I customize on how many columns I want my exported image to be like? I dont wand it to look like 2nd attached image. I just want to be exported as it shows in the UI
  2. Plot vertical lines with mscombi2nd

    I added this fiddle as well and I dont know where or how to put the vertical line
  3. Referring to this Can I create it with mscombi2nd chart. I have some chart like attached and I want to this verical line to appear somewhere. Is that doable?
  4. JSON Reference

    Hi, I am new here. Where I can get a hold of JSON reference for all available choices and structure of the JSON? Like dashed lines, type of charts, ... etc?
  5. Multiple X-Axes

    Hi, I want the same feature in here but for x-axis not y-axis. I want to create a x-bar chart, something like the image attached. Also in the multi axis line chart for y-axis. Can I specify the location more freely?