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  1. Hiding A Chart

    I am using a jQuery request to retrieve updated data for the chart. Whilst this is happening I am showing a spin control so the user knows something is happening. Whilst the server is processing the request, I want to hide (not dispose) the chart. I have tried setting the message, i.e. myChart.ref.showChartMessage(''); However, although the chart is hidden, it displays a message null rather than nothing (even if I put spaces in the string). Is there any way I could hide the chart whilst the update occurs. I am using the following to show the chart again; myChart.setDataXML(chartXML); Thanks Nick
  2. Hi, I have a chart that I want to add a drill down to. The XML for the chart is... <chart caption='Total Ordered by Customer' xAxisName='X Axis' yAxisName='X+Axis' showValues='0' formatNumberScale='0' showBorder='1' rotateLabels='0' slantLabels='0' showAboutMenuItem='1' aboutMenuItemLabel='About DataPA' aboutMenuItemLink='n-' > <set label='R & R Sports Ctr' value='368927.89' link='' /> <set label='Koenig Sporting Goods' value='553158.92' link='' /> <set label='Fort' value='542523.66' link='' /> <set label='Fitness Tech' value='520555.23' link='' /> <set label='All Star Sport Ctr' value='495662.59' link='' /> </chart> I have URL encoded each of values in the name-value pairs, so for instance "R & R Sports Ctr" becomes "R+%26+R+Sports+Ctr" to ensure they can be passed back to the server without problems. However, when I click on the chart, the resulting URL removes the URL encoding, e.g. & R Sports Ctr&value=368927.89 This means the values can no longer be parsed properly on the server. Is there a way I can preserve the URL encoding in the value pairs?