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  1. customize tooltip for fusion chart V2.3

    thanks for you help. the line breaker solved my problem. cramer.
  2. customize tooltip for fusion chart V2.3

    Basundhara, Thanks for looking into it and at this point we don't want to change the fusion chart version but moving forward we will definitely like to get the latest version. In the mean time wondering how to customize datalabel ie break long text to multiple lines as shown in tooltipimage2.jpg. so tooltip with long text is visible. i tried by setting html tags and break tags but didn't work. any help in this regard will be helpful. thanks,
  3. customize tooltip for fusion chart V2.3

    attached the graph xml and tooltip screenshots. if you look at tooltipimage2 the full text tooltip cannot be seen and wondering if tooltip text can be formatted. thanks, Cramer
  4. I am using fusion chart v2.3 and would like to customize tooltip text. the tooltip text is always format. for the below graph xml the tooltip text is jan,54 instead of hover text January. graph showNames='1' showValues='1' set name="Jan" value="54" hoverText="January" showName="1" graph i will appreciate if any one can help me on this. thanks, graphxml.txt