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  1. Hello Team, I am using Fusion charts in React. My chart configuration is as below: <ReactFusioncharts type="column2D" width='100%' height='450' dataFormat="JSON" dataSource={this.state.chartData} /> I am having 6-7 charts of above same configuration having different state for each chart. I am getting below error when I am trying to update state data(i.e. this.state.chartData) for each chart quickly : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'areaovercolumns' of undefined at t.createGroup (static/js/bundle.js:129755) at t.draw (static/js/bundle.js:129755) at t.e.syncDraw (static/js/bundle.js:129739) at static/js/bundle.js:129739 at u (static/js/bundle.js:129739) at t.e._mapChildren (static/js/bundle.js:129739) at t.e.childrenSyncDraw (static/js/bundle.js:129739) at t.e.syncDraw (static/js/bundle.js:129739) at t.e.updateVisual (static/js/bundle.js:129739) at Object.t.__drawJob [as job] (static/js/bundle.js:129739) at y (static/js/bundle.js:129739) Any help would be appreciated. Thank you !!!