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  1. Data Not Found In Box And Whisker Charts

    My problem is solved. thanks for the help the version was 3.2.1 but i have not the latest update with fixes.
  2. Data Not Found In Box And Whisker Charts

    I have the latest version 3.2.1.
  3. Data Not Found In Box And Whisker Charts

    i am also not able to render charts in javscript. i am trying render charts with javascript by : FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript'); but it shows "Chart type not supported"
  4. Data Not Found In Box And Whisker Charts

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. Its works. I have one more question : i want show x-axis labels with scroll bar as i have so many values in Box and whisker chart.
  5. Hi, i am trying to bind xml data to "Box and whisker charts" by inline in javscsript and i am getting message "No data found". My sample code is : var myChart = new FusionCharts('../PowerCharts/BoxAndWhisker2D.swf', 'FitnessTest', 675, 250, '0', '1'); myChart.setDataXML("<chart caption='Scorecard Statistics' useroundedges='1' plotspacepercent='70' ><categories><category label='Guestplayer Guestplayer' /><category label='memberumesh memberumesh' /><category label='Umeshplayer Umesh' /><category label='Avc Bcb' /><category label='mempumesh mempumesh' /><category label='Linus A. Karlson' /><category label='Memberplayer Memberplayer' /><category label='Mansi Guest Shah' /><category label='Mansi Shah' /></categories><dataset seriesName='Score' lowerboxcolor='006ECB' upperboxcolor='9071CD'><set value='70,23' /><set value='70,23' /><set value='70,23' /></dataset></chart>"); myChart.configure("ChartNoDataText", "No data found"); myChart.render("dvChart"); i have tried to bind data using "myChart.setXMLData" but getting same message. i am note getting whats the problem.
  6. Label's Get Roated In Javascript View

    i have licensed version.
  7. Render Charts By Javascript

    Thanks for illustration , it helped me. In my project a default jquery file was loaded and it was not working with fusion chart, but from your sample project i got idea to add jquery.min.js file comes with fusion chart pack and it works for me. Now when the charts loaded by javascript, there is a label "Fusionchart" below the chart, how can i hide it?
  8. Label's Get Roated In Javascript View

    Thanks.. it was the problem with version, in older version the labels get rotated by default but its solved in newer version as you told. Now when i render the chart by javascript, it shows "Fusionchart" label below the graph, how can i hide it?
  9. Render Charts By Javascript

    Thanks for reply. i have added all the references and js files are also placed well. The problem seems to be have with new version of fusion charts, because i just test with old version its working fine in old version and there is no need to add >FusionCharts.HC.js >FusionCharts.HC.Charts.js files.
  10. Hi, Label names gets rotated when rendered with javascript although with same code working fine when rendered by flash. chart tag : <chart labelDisplay='Stagger' caption='abc' staggerLines='3' decimals='1' shownames='1' showBorder='0' showvalues='0' chartBottomMargin='10' formatNumberScale='0' adjustDiv='0' numDivLines='3' forceDecimals='1' NumberSuffix='%' >
  11. Hi, i want to preset charts to render by javascript. For that i have written "FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript');" in my code but it gives and javascript error "O.type is undefined" in fusioncharts.HC.js file and charts are not rendering because of that. Any suggestions ??
  12. Hi, i am using Column 3D Bar chart in my project. In one graph i need to show arrows as axis name. I am showing arrows using HTML CODE for arrows like, for left arrrow code = "←" etc. My problem is that the arrows displayed on x-axis shows wrong arrows although the data written in xml is fine, even in tooltip of bars it shows correct arrows. Here is example of my xml data and image what its showing : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?> <chart caption="Missade inspel" decimals="1" showvalues="0" chartBottomMargin="10" formatNumberScale="0" yAxisValueDecimals="1" adjustDiv="0" numDivLines="3" forceDecimals="1" yAxisMinValue="0" yAxisMaxValue="100" NumberSuffix="%" labelDisplay="Rotate" slantLabels="1"> <set label="↓" value="66.67" /> <set label="↙" value="16.67" /> <set label="↘" value="16.67" /> </chart> i have attached image of what i get by this xml data.
  13. Chart transperancy

    Any updates?
  14. Chart transperancy

    Here are the version information.